CPA Exam Schedule – Setting Up a CPA Exam Study Schedule

September 17th, 2010 by dave bryant | Posted under cpa exam schedule.

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(If you’re looking for info on scheduling for CPA exam dates, please see this post instead.)

Here are some tips on how to set up your CPA exam study schedule:

-Set aside 1-3 hours every day for studying.  The exact amount of time will depend on how easy or hard you find the particular section to be, and also on your personal and work schedules.

-Be realistic.  It’s better to schedule less study time for each day and stick to it consistently, than to schedule more study time than you can commit to and deviate from the schedule.

-Find people to study with.  Not only is it less boring than studying alone, but you’ll probably be more likely to stick to the agreed upon study schedule, since there’d be other people holding you to the commitment.  Also, having someone to discuss course materials with can be invaluable to the learning process.

-When possible, schedule study time for when you tend to be the most energized and clear-headed.  Studying late at night after a full day of work and play should be avoided whenever possible.

-Try to schedule other things in your life around your study schedule, and not the other way around.  Of course, there will be things that you just can’t re-schedule, such as work hours.  But leisure activities can probably be moved around without major consequences.

-Remember to schedule breaks into your study periods.  Studying continuously for long periods of time can render your efforts inefficient, as you will probably start losing focus after a while.

-Lastly, and most importantly, get a good cpa review course such as Yaeger’s Home Study Course, and follow their suggested study schedule.  You can find a comparison of the various cpa review courses at  To see my personal experience with the Yaeger review course please see my CPA exam blog.

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